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January 5
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- The story of Nimrod.
- The misunderstanding and disagreements people have concerning Observations view of Dowd.
- Return to YashaYah/Isiah chapter 11.
- Is 11:6-9 speaking of before or after Yahowah’s return.
- Who is the choter and what is the nec?
January 12
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- Technical difficulties.
- The story of the Tower of Babel.
- Satan is interested in mass numbers not individuals.
- Who is Isiah 9:6 referencing.
- Making sport of killing, vs killing for food.
- Babel – confusing and mixing together.
- English translation routinely transliterate the names of bad places and people correctly while incorrectly transliterating the names of good people and places.
- The lie that Yahowah abandoned His people for gentiles.
- The terms and conditions of the covenant.
- Yahowah is modest and not a “show off”.
January 19
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January 26
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- US military spending to increase yet again.
- Ba’reshiyth/Genesis 12.
- What it means to walk away from your country.
- What you walk to is just as important as you walking away.
- Abram was 75 years old when he walked away and walked to Yahowah.
- A relationship with Yahowah changes your perspective on everything.
- Yahowah gave the land to the decedents of Abraham for all eternity, why does man think they can overrule Yahowah?
February 2
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- No Craig, just Kirk and I.
- Kirks translation process and tool.
- A walkthrough of Kirk translating a verse.
- My process for translating.
- The progress of my translating.
- Context is King.
- Walkthrough of translating a couple of verses.
February 9
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- Return to Ba’reshiyth 13.
- Why do so few people capitalize on Yahowah’s offer?
- Yahowah does not give a cliff notes version of His Towrah for a reason.
- Yahowah does not want people in His home because they are afraid of the alternative.
- The uniqueness of Hebrew.
- Yahowah’s path to His home.
February 16
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- We are off to a late start.
- The two things required to translate Yah’s Word is the desire to, and the willingness to go where the words lead.
- More discussion on Ba’reshiyth 13.
- Yahowah’s Terms and Conditions.
- The lessons and importance of the Hebrew grammar.
February 23
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- Billy Graham’s death.
- The current state of Observations radio.
- Ba’reshiyth 15.
- Yahowah does not want us to fear or worship Him.
- Why Yahowah choose Abram.
- Yahowah’s Covenant Family model.
March 9
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- Return to Ba’reshiyth 15.
- Abraham saw and walked and talked with God, so how is “Jesus” return a second coming.
- Yahowah’s desire is for us to choose to walk to Him.
- Why Abraham was declared Perfect/Tamym in Yahowah’s eyes.
- What it takes to come to know Yah.
March 16
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March 23
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March 30
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- The timing of Pesach.
- Leaven vs yeast as it relates to Matsah.
- What really happened on Pesach, Matsah and Bikuriym.
- Origin of the pagan holidays of Easter and Christmas.
- Adding to Yahowah’s Word is more damaging then taking away.
- Shamar, observe versus obey.
- Return to Observations Chapter 10, Ba’reshiyth 17:7.
- Yahowah has one Covenant and it is eternal.
April 13
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- Why we were out last week.
- Craig’s interaction with a doctor concerning his writings.
- Timing of the Taruwrah harvest.
- The role we as members of Yahowah’s family will play before the Taruwrah harvest.
- Return to Observations Chapter 10.
- We understand by making connections.
- Yahowah’s one and only Covenant is owlam, everlasting in all places and all times.
- The irrationality of believing someone can speak for God who contradicts Him.
April 20
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- San Francisco Poop Zone maps.
- US government support and use of torture.
- Why Yahowah made Chawah for Adam.
- What set Noah apart.
- Yahowah’s One and Only Covenant.
- The Hebrew word Asher.
- Yahowah’s view on Muwl/Circumcision.
April 27
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Observations Chapter 10, and Ba’reshiyth 17.
- Yahowah’s view of circumcision vs Paul’s
- What Yahowah has to say about Muwl/Circumcision.
- Yahowah has one and only one covenant and the terms and conditions are the same for everyone.
May 4
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May 11
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- Having all the right answers to a test does you no good if you don’t understand the information.
- God has a filter for a reason, and why we should be happy about that.
- The shedding of Yahowsha’s blood means nothing if you don’t understand it’s connection to Pesach.
- Observations Chapter 11, Ba’reshiyth 22.
- Hinneh, Hayah and the nature of our relationship with Yahowah.
- What really happened when Abraham too Yitshaq to mount Mowriyah.
- The meaning of chawah/chowah.
May 18
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Ba’reshiyth 22.
- Yahowah and Yahowsha were of one accord, carrying out the same plan.
- The parallels between Yitshaq and Abraham and Yahowah and Yahowsha.
- How did Yitshaq know to expect a lamb?
- Who was the Mal’ak that Abraham spoke with?
May 25
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June 1
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- Christian pastors wanting 75 million dollar jets to spread the word of “Jesus”.
- Return to Ba’reshiyth 22 starting with the 13th verse.
- The use of cabak and its significance.
- YashaYah 53:1-12.
- All the evidence in the world won’t convince a “true believer”.
- The importance of Hebrew grammar, and how it differs from other languages.
- Why did Yah use Qara, and not dabar or amar.
- What Abraham called the place where Yahowah provided the lamb.
June 8
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- Return to Ba’reshiyth 22.
- The importance of Mowriyah.
- The Hebrew word asher.
- How Yahowah interacts with lower dimensions.
- The uniqueness of Qara and why we should pay attention to its use.
- How and why the Miqra work together.
- The uniqueness and importance of the Hebrew language.
- Chabaquwq’s condemnation of Paul.
June 15
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June 22
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- Christian pastors cheering brothel owner for republican party.
- Ba’reshiyth 22:16-18
- The importance of barak.
- Amplified translation compared to KJV.
- How to answer the question, “What translation do you recommend?”
June 29
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July 6
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July 13
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Yashayah/Isaiah 53.
- The nature of the universe when we exist in the spiritual realm and how we will interact with it.
- Yahowah and Yahowsha are the same thing, but not the same amount of the same thing.
- Shauwl/Paul was ha satan’s most effective implement.
- Yahowah approaches Abram and Moshe as they were leaving religious places, Paul was heading toward Damascus, one of the most religious places on the planet, when he claims to have encountered his god.
- The Hebrew word “choly” and what it means.
- Yashayah 53s accurate depiction of what occurred on Pesach and Matsah in 33CE in the Dead Sea Scrolls which were scribed 250 years prior.
July 20
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Trump’s conference with Putin.
- The extent of the Russian “interference” with the elections.
- Return to Isiah 53.
- Was Yahowsha despised in His time?
- Being right vs being good.
- Why Yahowsha had to serve as the Pesach Lamb.
- The correlation between Yowseph the son of Ya’aqob and Yahowsha.
July 27
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- (There were some cell phone issues on Craig’s phone throughout the show.)
- Return to Isiah 53.
- The Hebrew word mishpat.
- The unique nature of the Hebrew language, and how it appears to be designed for the main purpose of conveying Yahowah’s message.
August 3
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Yasayah/Isaiah 53.
- Contrary to Christian views this cannot be speaking of the crucifixion since it speaks of His Soul, not His body.
- The Hebrew “da’at” knowledge and understanding based on correct information.
- Juxtaposing Isaiah 53:11 with Hosea 4:6.
- The Pope says that the Death Penalty is never appropriate.
- The core of the Covenant is the inheritance Yahowah bestows upon His family.
- Why Yahowah didn’t make coming to know Him easy.
- Paul’s claim that you cannot be saved if you are circumcised.
- Ba’reshiyth 26.
- Yahowah grows.
- Paul’s claim that Abraham was saved by faith because he didn’t have the Towrah.

“This is because (eqeb – this is the reason for and the end result of, it is the cause and consequence of, it is the merit of and reward for trusting the detectable and visible trail of evidence; from ‘aqab – to supplant and dig in one’s heels, leaving footprints which are straightforward and steadfast, unwavering (the basis of Ya’aqob’s name)), to show the way to the benefits of the relationship (‘asher – to reveal the path to an upright and elevated state, a joyful attitude, and an encouraged mindset, to demonstrate walking the correct way along the proper path to a prosperous life, and to make the connections which lead to building an enduring, close, and beneficial association), ‘Abraham (‘Abraham – father who raises and lifts up those who stand up and reach up, father of the abundantly enriched, merciful father, or father of multitudes who are confused and troublesome), listened to (shama’ – for a period of time he heard, he used his ears and the perception of hearing to completely process audible information so as to totally understand (qal perfect – literally but not continually)) My voice (b-qowl-y – the way I speak, to the sound of My call, to My audible instructions and guidance; related to quwm – to arise, take a stand, and establish and qara’ – by way of an invitation and summons, an offer to meet and be welcomed, to be called out by reading and reciting) and he visually observed and carefully considered (shamar – he habitually kept his eyes focused upon, literally and continuously closely examining and diligently evaluating, paying attention to the details so that he would understand, thereby protected by caring about, prioritizing, and watching over (qal imperfect – literally and continually)) My requirements and My responsibility (mishmereth ‘any – My verbalized expressions regarding My mission to provide safeguards and My obligation to fulfilling them; from mashal – vivid and easily remembered proverbs and parables providing wisdom through representation and comparison and shamar – to observe), My directions and conditions of the contract (mitswah ‘any – My binding instructions regarding My contractual agreement and My authorized directions regarding the codicils of the relationship), My inscribed and clearly communicated prescriptions for living (chuqah – My engraved and thus written statements which have been chiseled in stone to communicate how one should respond to be cut into the relationship; from chaqah and choq – to carve out a share of something and cut someone into a relationship by inscribing a portrayal of the nourishing thoughts behind it and akin to cheqer – addressing that which can be discovered, explored, probed, and examined to gain information through a determined and comprehensive search to provide comprehension and understanding (written cheqowthy in the text)), and My Towrah (Towrah ‘any – My Source from which My Teaching, Guidance, Instruction, and Direction Flow.” (Bare’syth / In the Beginning / Genesis 26:5)
August 10
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August 17
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Examining the four letters that comprise Towrah.

- Taw, which was depicted as an upright pillar with a horizontal support beam, which represented the upright pillar creating the doorway of a home. It conveyed the idea supporting and enlarging a tent, especially the Tabernacle. It also represented a doorway, in addition to a mark, a sign, a symbol, and a signature—all of which are symbolic of Yahowsha’.

- Waw was depicted as a tent peg and conveyed the idea of to increase, and secure. In ancient times the tent pegs were used to secure a shelter and to enlarge it. And as such, the preposition wa communicates the ideas of adding to and of increasing something.

- The Rosh was depicted as a man’s head, it was designed to convey the idea that something is the first order of business, the most important thing to accomplish, and the top priority. You may recognize it from the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, or head of the year.

- The Hey was drawn as a person standing and reaching up while pointing to the heavens. It conveyed the importance of observing what God has revealed, of becoming aware of Him, and of reaching up to Him for help. Affirming this, the Hebrew word hey still means “behold” in addition to “pay attention.” The key aspect of this character, which is repeated twice in Yahowah’s name, is that the individuals depicted are standing upright, so as to walk to and with God. They are not shown bowing down in worship. Further, both hands are raised as if to grasp hold of Yahowah’s hand, trusting Him to lead us home.

- The directional letters in the Hebrew language and the directions correlation to negative or positive nature of the words.

- Yahowah’s view of military and patriotism.
- Shemowth/Names/Exodus 4 starting at verse 13.
- Why Yahowah works through men.
August 24
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August 31
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The implications of Yahowah saying there is but 1 Towrah for the native born and for the stranger.
- Approaching Yahowah like a child approaching their father.
- The Hebrew word Shamar.
- Yahowah’s view of His Towrah.
- Kirk’s study on Mathew 17.
- Understanding the Yahowah spoke Hebrew not Greek we must understand what Hebrew word the Greek was translated from.
September 7
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Kirk’s study on Psalm 1:1.
- The fidelity of the Hebrew text vs that of the Greek text.
- Kirk’s study of Matthew 5:17.
- Dabariym/Deuteronomy 4:1&2.
September 14
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Judaism, Christianity and Islam all claim authority from the Towrah while claiming to replace it.
- Yahowah’s statement that there is but one Towrah. Exodus 12:49
- The Hebrew imperative mood.
- The Hebrew word Yada.
- Bynah the important concept and word in Hebrew.
September 21
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The festival of Kippurym, reconciliations.
- How on earth did ‘anah, answer and respond, become inflict.
- The timeless nature of Hebrew and how that effects prophecy.
- Return to Observations for Our Time Chapter 11.
- There is but 1 Towrah, for Yisra’el and for anyone who wants to be part of Yah’s family.
- The relationship between Yahowah and Yahowsha.

“The Towrah (Towrah – the signed, written, and enduring means to search for, find, and choose the instruction, teaching, guidance, and direction, which provides answers which facilitate our restoration and return that are good, pleasing, joyful, beneficial, purifying, and cleansing) is Light (‘owr) and (wa) the Way (derek – the Path) of Life (chay – the source of continuous and sustained existence, abundant growth, of revival, renewal, and restoration, the promise of the most favorable of circumstances, prosperity, and blessings).” (Mashal / Word Pictures / Proverbs 6:23) “The one who turns away his ear from hearing (suwr ‘ozen huw’ min shama’ – the one who avoids listening to) the Towrah (Towrah – the source of instruction and direction, guidance and teaching), then consequently (gam – also and subsequently) his repulsive prayers, abhorrent requests, and errant means to resolve conflicts (taphilah huw’ – his erroneous manner of speaking which whitewashes the truth, including his loathsome pleas and petitions for intervention which display a lack of character and are foolish and unseemly; from taphel – to stupidly and insipidly smear, whitewashing and covering over and palal – the means to mediate and judge, to resolve issues and to achieve justice, to intercede and intervene) will be considered reprehensible and detestable (tow’ebah – will be seen as a disgusting abomination and will be associated with religious worship and idolatry; from tow’ah – an erroneous perversion which confuses and leads astray and ta’ab – to be abhorred and detested for having engaged in an abominable religious ritual while intoxicated). (Mashal / Word Pictures / Proverbs 28:9) “Without prophetic revelation (ba ‘ayn chazown – with no communication from God, without prophecy, without a covenant agreement establishing the relationship; from chazah – without seeing and perceiving, without understanding) wicked people take charge and become unrestrained, leading the unaware to their death because they lack the ability to respond rationally (‘am para’ – individuals act as leaders over ignorant people and those in charge take their own initiative, running wild, while the people behave like an uncontrolled mob, unthinking, their responses become inappropriate). But (wa) he who actually observes and genuinely focuses upon (shamar – he who closely examines and carefully considers (qal participle – literal interpretation of a highly descriptive verb whereby the individual becomes known and is influenced by his willingness to observe)) the Towrah (Towrah – the Source of Teaching, Instruction, Direction, and Guidance) walks along the path which gives meaning to life and is blessed (‘esher / ‘asher / ‘ashur – steps forward and strides upright on the correct path to a fortuitous relationship and experiences great guidance and teaching, living a joyous upright life having advanced and progressed along the restrictive, right, certain, and valid, straight way to be encouraged, become prosperous, be enriched, and become safe and secure).” (Mashal / Word Pictures / Proverbs 29:18)
September 28
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The “two state” solution.
- Return to Proverbs 29:18.
- The corrupting of Towrah to “law”.
- Psalm 1.
- The correlation between Yahowsha’s statement about wide is the path that leads to death and narrow is the path that leads to life, and Yahowah’s statement in the second of the 10 dabar:

For indeed (ky), I (‘anky), Yahowah (YaHoWaH) your God (‘elohiym), am a zealous and jealous God (qana’ ‘el – a God who is desirous of, even demanding of, exclusivity in a relationship, a God who is emotionally passionate and extremely protective of those He loves), counting and reckoning (paqad – taking stock of and recording, assigning and depositing) the perversity and sin of twisting and distorting (‘awon – the depravity of perverting and manipulating, deviating from the way, the guilt and punishment derived from delusion and depravity, the liability for unfaithfulness and wrongdoing) of the fathers (‘ab) upon (‘al) the children (ben – sons) concerning (‘al) the third and the fourth generations (silesym wa ‘al ribea’) of those who hate and are hostile to Me (sane’ – abhor, detest, and loathe Me, striving maliciously against Me, shunning Me). But I will prepare, perform, and produce (‘asah – actively effect and appoint, offer and celebrate, demonstrate by doing what is required to effect and deliver) unmerited and unfailing mercy, unearned favor, and undeserved kindness (checed – steadfast and loyal love, a totally devoted and affectionate relationship, faithfulness and goodness) to (la’) thousands (‘elep) who love (‘ahab – who choose to form a close and affectionate, loving and friendly, familial relationship with) Me and who closely observe (shamar – carefully examine, revere, cling to, keep, and are secure in, caring about and relying upon) My Commandments, instructions, and prescriptions (mitswah – authoritative directives).
October 12
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The benefits of the written word over the spoken word.
- The origin and evolution of this show.
- Return to Psalm 1.
- The books of Shaphat/Judges and Yowb/Job.
- Bynah the important concept and word in Hebrew.
- Psalm 19.
- The value and importance of perspective.
October 19
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Reporter who was critical of Saudi Arabian government who was murdered.
- Why the Towrahless one will come from Macedonia.
- The “Sermon” on the mount was Yahowah’s only large public address.
- Mattanyah/Matthew 5:17-19.

Kirk’s study on Dowd and Ba’reshiyth.

October 26
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November 2
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The Hebrew word hineh, look and behold.
- YashaYah/Isaiah 3, and Observations Chapter 12.
- The difference or lack thereof between Fascism and Communism.
November 9
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Night club shooting in California.
- Return to YashaYah chapter 3 starting at the 8th verse.
- What the word “Talmud” means, really.
- The importance of being Tsadaq/Right.
- The consequences of being Rasha’/Wrong.
- Being right is more important than being “good”.
- The role of reason and emotion, and which should lead which.
November 16
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November 30
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to YashaYah/Isiah 3.
- What Yahowah meant when He said that feminine influences would exercise authority over.
- Emotion versus Reason, and the role of each.
- Yahowah’s view of “religious dress up”.
- What will happen to all of our man made defenses when Yahowah returns.
- Do militaries provide/protect freedom?
December 7
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to YashaYah/Isiah 3.
- Lies and manipulations leading to devastating death and destruction.
- Political correctness and the atrophy of the neshamah.
- The role of men and women.
- Ha Satan’s twisting of all things Yahowah.
December 14
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

Craig’s experience on the interview he did with Ark Midnight:

- Will there be sex in eternity.
- Return to YashaYah Observations chapter 12.
- The role of circumcision.
- The relationship between Tsyown/Zion and Yaruwshalaim/Jerusalem (The source from which Guidance and Teaching Regarding Reconciliation Flows).
December 21
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December 28
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YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
"Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive."
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (towrah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).
Because Yahowah's Towrah is "complete and perfect", there was no need for a "New Testament". Because Yahowah's Towrah is entirely capable of "returning and restoring the soul", the Christian Apostle Paulos lied when he declared that the Towrah cannot save. If you want to live forever with Yahowah, our Creator, flee religion and embrace Yahowah's one and only family-oriented Covenant, which is presented only in His Towrah!

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