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January 4
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January 11
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The Hebrew language, and growing in our understanding.
- The timing of the harvest and the timing of Ya’qob’s trouble.
- Return to Observations chapter 12.
- 2 Samuel 7 starting at verse 12.
- Yahowah’s desire and tendency to work with and through man.
- If you are making a living teaching “God’s Word” you don’t know God/Yahowah.
January 18
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Yahowah’s use of mashyach in relation to Dowd.
- The importance of going where the words lead you.
- Return to Observations Chapter 12 and 2 Samuel 7 starting with verse 15.
- The tendency to attribute things to Yahowsha which cannot apply to Him.
- Tsemach – branching out.
- Psalm 132.
- Yahowah’s desire for a relationship is for His benefit as well as ours.
January 25
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- Why the Yada Yah Youtube channel has been down.
- 2 Kings 22, and the finding of the Book of the Towrah.
- Isaiah 17’s prophecy and how we are seeing it fulfilled.
- Isaiah 17:12’s description of Sheowl as a black hole.
- Return to Psalms 132 starting at verse 11.
- The difference between being saved and being liberated.
- Concluded Psalm 132.
February 1
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Skipping ahead to chapter 12 of Volume 2 of Observations.
- Isiah 17’s Prophecy unfolding around us today.
- Damascus’s history.
- The coming point where Yahowah will revoke the third option for eternal destinations.
- The world will likely take no notice of the harvest errantly known as the “rapture”.
- When does Yahowah intervenes in our world.
February 8
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The Hebrew meaning of akbar.
- Return to Yasha’yah/Isiah 17:6.
- Yahowah’s 3 harvests.
- The timing of the Taruwah harvest.
February 15
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

A response to a letter Craig received this week:

- The “National Emergency” on the boarder.
- Return to Observations V2C12 and Yashayah 17:7
- The overt worship of Ashura in Christianity and Islam.
- The average person worldwide spends more than 6 hrs. a day on the internet.
- What it will be like when Yahowah intervenes to save Yisra’el.
February 22
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Yashayah/Isaiah 17 starting with verse 11.
- The time when we will reach the point where there is no middle ground.
- Yahuwdi will be kept out of the one world government\economic scheme.
- What the time of the renewal of the covenant will be like.
- The time of Ya’qob’s troubles.
March 1
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March 8
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March 15
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- 3rd highest ranking Vatican member sentenced for committing rape.
- Attack on an Islamic Mosque in Australia.
- The grounding of all 737 aircraft.
- The all Islamic invasion of Israel following it being thinned at the waist, and Yahowah’s intervention.
- The cure for Islam.
- The trial of those who lead people away from Yah.
- The time of Ya’qob’s troubles.
- Yahowah’s use of flawed people.
March 22
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March 29
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April 5
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Logic and emotion.
- Study done on conspiracy theorist.
- Who is Moab?
- Reexamining the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
- Return and recap of Isaiah 17.
- The precise accuracy of Yahowah’s prophecies centuries before their fulfillment. - The thinning of Israel at the waist.
- The likelihood that Muhammad was Jewish.
- How many people will be in the Taru’wah harvest?
April 12
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The arrest of Julian Assange.
- Return to Isiah 17 review.
- Why a talk host who interviewed Craig won’t put the show in his archive.
- Relating with Yah in regards to our familial relationships on earth.
- The use of pagan imagery in Christianity.
- The blending of conspiracy theories with Yah’s Word.
- What it means to be Towrah observant.
- The removal of Yah’s family, and the two witnesses.
April 19
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Pesach.
- Bodily resurrection.
- Why did no one recognize Yahowsha after Pesach.
- Understanding is superior dogmatic timing.
- Thinking and understanding vs doing.
- The set apart vs the common.
April 26
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- People’s increased blindness to Islam.
- Who is Moab.
- The reason for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
- Return to Isaiah 17.
- Craig’s experience being interviewed about Islam following Sri Lanka killings.
- Violence and war are not the solution.
- America’s role in arming Muslims.
- The Yowbel.
- Yahowah’s Sermon on the Mount.
- Yahowah’s Towrah and Prophets not accurately predicted future events it accurately gave a historical account.
May 03
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The 3 Babylons of our day.
- The importance of understanding who Moab is.
- Observations Volume 2 Chapter 11.
- Conspiracy Theories and the dangers they pose.
May 10
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Shooting at Chabad synagogue, and the anti-Semitic conspiracies that inspired it.
- Debunking the story of the “martyr” Stephen.
- The rise of conspiracy theorist.
- The real story of Lot.
- The rendering of quwm, stand up, as bow down in the Sodom and Gomorrah story.
- Lot is not an example we should understand, not follow and why.
- Why did Yah send 2 Malak/messangers?
- The Christian understanding that “know” in the Lot account was speaking of sex.
May 17
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The story of Absalom.
- Return to Ba’reshiyth/Genesis 19 and the story of Lot.
- Why the story of Sodom doesn’t mean what we have been taught it does.
- Yahowah doesn’t want to hear from those who are not part of His family and isn’t interested in saving everything.
- The longest running and most pervasive conspiracy theory.
- The necessity of thinking your way to Yahowah.
May 24
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May 31
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June 7
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June 14
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June 21
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Is life satisfying and fulfilling and what people use to fill the void when it is not.
- Zephaniah 2
- How can those who were alive before Yahowah’s fulfillment benefit from them.
- Who is the “Good Shepherd”?
- Yahowsha was the lamb, not the shepherd.
- The history of the Philistines.
- It is right, proper and moral to hate, when that hate is properly directed through good judgment.
June 28
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July 5
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July 12
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Psalm 5.
- Dowd’s relationship with Yahowah.
- Synching or desires to Yah’s.
- Hate is a virtue when appropriately directed.
- Yasha’yah 40.
July 19
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Yasha’yah 40, and was Yahowchanan the immerser wrong.
- Yaha’yah 40 could not apply to Yahowsha since it speaks of Yisra’el’s battles being over.
- How many errant ideas would be impossible if Yah’s name was not removed from His Word.
- How Yahowah will eliminate all religious structures and shrines on His coming.
- Why and how Yahowah works through individuals.
- The “Second Coming” will not be of Yahowsha.
- The unique nature of human beings.
- The importance of recognizing when you are wrong and learning from that.
July 26
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The advantage of the tools we have today.
- What “adultery” is by the Towrah standards.
- The Hebrew term Zarowa’.
- Who Yahowah speaks of in conjunction with Him in the Last Days.
- The errant Christian view of who the shepherd Yahowah speaks of it.
August 2
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Why conspiracy theories are so damaging.
- The danger of truth mixed with lies.
- What makes us perfect in Yahowah’s eyes.
August 9
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Recap of Mizmowr 5
- Deceived vs deceivers and their fate.
- The 103rd Mizmowr.
- The soul vs the spirit.
- The concept of Qowdesh/Set-Apart.
- What is meant by Yahowah’s Set Apart Name.
- Yahowah alone cannot save us, we have to be willing to let Him.
- What Yahowah looks for in individuals that He wishes to work with.
- Use Words Not Violence.
August 16
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August 23
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Psalm 103.
- Knowing vs believing.
- Where Yahowah’s made known His ways.
- How Yahowah tolerates what man hates, and hates what man tolerates.
- Links between Dowd and Yahowsha and how Dowd wrote of Yahowsha’s experiences in the first person.
- Could Dowd and Yahowsha have shared a soul?
August 30
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September 6
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September 13
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September 20
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Climate change and the cycles of history.
- The Israeli elections.
- Why Democracy is a bad system.
- What would Yahowah get out of a relationship that required nothing of us.
- Return to Psalm 20 starting at verse 3.
- Yahowah will hold us to the standard that we hold others too.
September 27
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

Observations Volume 3 Chapter 2.

- Return to Psalm 20 starting with verse 3.
- The reciprocal nature of relationships.
- Dowd is the only person in all of history who Yahowah specifically anointed.
- The Roman Catholic Church’s treatment of Yahuwdi, and the consequences of it.
- Ezekiel 34 starting at verse 25.
- The idea of a Shepherd King.
- Psalm 78.
October 4
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

Observations Volume 3 Chapter 2.

- Return to Volume 3 Chapter 2 of OFOT, and Zakaryah/Zechariah 3.
- Which Yahowshuwa’s is being spoken of in Zechariah 3.
- The importance of ignoring the diacritical markings of the Masoretic text.

And he will reign (wa malak – and he will respond thoughtfully, pondering and carefully considering everything (qal perfect consecutive)) as an advisor and king (melek – as the leader and counselor to consider), succeeding through understanding (sakal – prospering as a result of proper instruction and teaching, prudently developing insights through his capacity to comprehend, being circumspect and discerning (hifil perfect consecutive)). He will act by engaging in (wa ‘asah – he will expend the energy to accomplish (qal perfect consecutive)) the means to resolve disputes and exercise good judgment (mishpat – that which is just, making sound decisions based upon evidence and reason, asking all of the right questions before determining what is appropriate and reasonable, fair and right, just and vindicating; from ma – to ask the who, why, what, where, when, and how questions and shaphat – to exercise good judgment and resolve disputes), being right (tsadaqah – making the correct decision, being accurate and honest) throughout (ba – in) the Land and Earth (ha ‘erets – the material realm). In His days (ba yowmym huw’ – during this time) Yahuwdah (Yahuwdah – Beloved of Yah, Related to Yah, and those who Relate to Yah, commonly referred to as Judah) will be saved (yasha’ – will be delivered and liberated (nifal imperfect)), and Yisra’el (wa Yisra’el – those who Engage and Endure as well as those who are Liberated and Empowered by God) will live (shakan – will dwell, abiding) confidently and securely (betach – safely, undefended and yet without vulnerability). And this is the name (wa zeh shem huw’ – so this is the renown and reputation) by which to reveal the way to the relationship (‘asher – to show the correct and proper path to get the most out of life and receive the benefits of the relationship) he will be called (qara’ huw’ – he will be welcomed by those reading and reciting his words aloud, summoning, inviting, and announcing him, receiving and appointing him (qal imperfect)): Yahowah (efei) is Right, Honest, and Fair with Us (Tsadaq ‘Anahnuw – is in accord with us, just and appropriate with us, and now has vindicated and acquitted us).’” (Yirma’yah / Jeremiah 23:5–6)

- The Covenant of Salt.
- The anti-Semitic history of the Catholic Church.
- A relationship of convenience is no relationship.

October 11
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- A late start due to technical difficulties.
- Anti-Semitic shootings in Germany and other Anti-Semitic violence in the news.
- Turkey, Syria and the Kurds.

Dowd’s account of the fulfillment of Passover,by KM

- Yahowah’s justice and accountability.
- The myth that the US military is responsible for and protects our freedom.
October 19
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- October 19 - To Dowd or Not to Dowd.
- The roots of replacement theology.
- Psalm 89
- God’s promises are trustworthy because they are true for all time.
- “David” or “Jesus”.

- “I have established (karat – I have cut (as is the case with circumcision), making a resolution through separation, a solemn agreement between parties with stipulations, responsibilities, and benefits (qal perfect)) a Beryth | Covenant (Beryth – Family-Oriented Relationship Agreement which brings individuals together with action, commitment, and engagement in accordance with the stipulations required of both parties to the agreement) with My Chosen One (la bachyr ‘any – on behalf of, according to, and for the individual I personally chose and selected, the one I prefer and favor for a special relationship and affection; from bachar – to choose and decide and bachan – to test, examine, and scrutinize). I have sworn an owth (shaba’ – I have made a binding promise and I will always affirm the truth of this statement (nifal perfect)) to Dowd (la Dowd – concerning the Beloved; from dowd – the one who is loved and who loves in return), My coworker, associate, and servant (‘ebed ‘any – My authorized agent who works on My behalf; from ‘abad – to work).” (Mizmowr / Lyrics to be Sung / Psalm 89:3)

- Return to 2 Samuel 7.

“And it came to pass when the king [Dowd] sat down and relaxed in his home because Yahowah had given him a universal and comforting respite from his adversaries, (Shamuw’el / 2 Samuel 7:1) that the king said to Nathan [meaning Bestowed as a Gift], the prophet, ‘Please look around. I live in a house of cedar, but the Ark of God sits within curtains.’ (7:2)

So Nathan said to the king, ‘Choose to travel about and engage in all that is in your best judgment for Yahowah.’ (7:3)

Then that evening it came to be that the word of Yahowah came to Nathan, conveying, (7:4) ‘Go and tell Dowd, My coworker, that this is what Yahowah says. “Why should you build Me a home to live in? (7:5) Indeed, I have not lived in any house since the time that I lifted the Children of Yisra’el out of the crucibles of oppression in Mitsraym, even to this day. I have existed walking about in a tent dwelling. (7:6) Everywhere, which to show the way to the relationship, that I have journeyed with the Children of Yisra’el, did I say a single word to any of the tribes of Yisra’el, My people, Yisra’el, whom I fed, asking, ‘Why not build Me a house of cedar?’” (7:7)

Now, therefore, say to My associate, Dowd, this is what Yahowah of the spiritual implements says, “I took you from the sheepfolds, from chasing after sheep, to be the leader over My People, over Yisra’el. (7:8) And I have been with you wherever you traveled. I have cut off all of your enemies, removing them from your sight, and I have made your name great, comparable to the names of the greatest on earth. (7:9)

Furthermore, I will appoint a place for My People, Yisra’el. And I will plant them there such that they may dwell in this place of their own and never move again. Neither shall the Son of Evil afflict them any more as will have been the case. (7:10)

And since this time that I instructed the Judges in conjunction with My People, Yisra’el, I have created for you a respite from all of your enemies. Additionally, Yahowah boldly and publicly announced to you that He will act, engaging with you to create a family and home. (7:11)

So when your days are fulfilled, and you lay around with your fathers, I will establish your seed after you, that which shall come forth from inside of your testicles, from your very core. And so I will erect his kingdom. (7:12)

He shall build a home for My name, and I will set up the place of honor of his kingdom forever. (7:13)

I will be his Father and he shall by My son. When that which is perverted, twisted, and crooked is associated with him, I will correctly reciprocate on his behalf with the branch, staff, scepter, and rod of mortal men, and with the infliction of the children of ‘Adam. (7:14)

But My love and mercy shall not ever depart from him as I took it from Sha’uwl, whom I cast away before your very presence. (7:15)

And your house, your family, and your kingdom, are trustworthy and reliable, accurate, correct, and true, forever in your presence. Your throne and place of honor shall be established forever.”’ (7:16)

Consistent with all of these words and everything within this revelation, Nathan correctly conveyed them to Dowd.” (Shamuw’el / Listen to Him / 2 Samuel 7:17)

- There are consequences for bad decisions.
October 25
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to “To Dowd or not to Dowd?”
- Going where Yahowah’s Words lead.
- Every example we have of those Yahowah works thru, Yahowah approached them first.
- If you don’t love what Yah loves why do you want to spend eternity with Him.
- To love you must hate.
- Psalm 89.
- The seed Dowd sowed and the offspring of Dowd.
November 1
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
- Killing Fundamentalist Muslims just creates more Fundamentalist Muslims.
- 43 Catholic Priest abuse of 163 young boys in Colorado.
- The Christian transference of Yah’s promises to Dowd to “Jesus”.
- Return to Psalm 89 starting with the 14th verse.
- The Ebowny the first followers of “The Way”.
- Yahowsha added nothing to Yahowah, Dowd did.
- The timing of Yac’qob’s troubles.
- Yahowah’s need and desire to work with and through man.
November 8
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Psalm 89, starting with Verse 16.
- The importance of the Mowed Miqra of Taruwah.
- The Hebrew concept of Qowdesh, Set Apart.
- Yahowsha could not be the Messiah since he was not Gibowr.
- The spirit of God came upon Dowd and never left him, it did leave Yahowsha.
November 15
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The waste of lives and money in the “War on Terror”.
- The Pauline usurpation of the promises and prophecies of Dowd.
- Why Paul had to replace Dowd with “Christ”.
- The validity of the Greek “New Testament”.
November 29
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December 6
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- Return to Psalm 89 starting at verse 31.
- Yahowah’s unchanging nature and Word.
- The disease like nature of religion.
- The irrationality of bodily resurrection.
December 13
Bullets complements of JB @ yahowahberyth.com

- The political state of Israel.
- The importance of being Tsdaq/Right.
- Return to the 89th Psalm starting with the 38th verse.
- Why Yahowsha does not fit the criteria of the Messiah.
- The historical evidence for Dowd and the Truth of Yahowah.
December 20
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December 27
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YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
"Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive."
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (towrah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).
Because Yahowah's Towrah is "complete and perfect", there was no need for a "New Testament". Because Yahowah's Towrah is entirely capable of "returning and restoring the soul", the Christian Apostle Paulos lied when he declared that the Towrah cannot save. If you want to live forever with Yahowah, our Creator, flee religion and embrace Yahowah's one and only family-oriented Covenant, which is presented only in His Towrah!

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